Excellence in Flooring

We Care About the Environment.

Our products are removable, reusable, recyclable, and replaceable.


Our products are created using some recycled vinyl and can be recycled again after use. As of June 2015, XL Flooring made a commitment to send all returned products and samples to Korea where they will be recycled into new material.

When installed using the TIGHT-FIT ™ installation method, our products can be easily removed, reused, and replaced. Did a plank get burned with a cigarette or stained with an exploding ink pen? Just simply use a plunger to remove the damaged plank, and replace it with a leftover plank from the original installation. Simple.


Breathe Deeply.

All of our products meet the strict standards of FloorScore™. See our certificate here.

Our emissions ratings are as follows:
TVOC after 28 days: 0.005
SVOC after 28 days: 0.005
Phenol after 28 days: Zero


Both Drop & Done and Flexiplank contribute points for any LEED Certified Project. Validated by Vertima, we have technical data sheets which outline the points that can be contributed to your green project. Click on the link for the technical data sheet you require:

LEED Technical Data Sheet for Drop & Done
LEED Technical Data Sheet for Flexiplank

We are proud to offer eco-friendly products that are durable and safe.