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Moisture in the concrete

As indicated in our installation instructions, moisture in a concrete floor will cause problems for any flooring.
The moisture is trying to escape and will cause the edges of our product to curl and buckle. The adhesive will not bond in wet areas and will return to a milky sticky mess.
In our experience, once the water issue is removed the floor returns to normal.
The issue can be a seasonal weeping, or a year round problem. The primary cause is normally a compromised vapor barrier. Another cause can be broken pipes or radiant heat leakage.
To check for moisture you may use a concrete moisture meter available at many Equipment rental shops. The concrete can appear darker than normal, there may be dampness or beads of water under the planks.
Taping a piece of Plastic to the concrete with packing tape overnight can also produce beads of water.
The problem will persist until the water is removed and is not considered a product failure or factory complaint.

If a wax or polish was applied – how can it be removed safely?

We recommend the use of TileLab Heavy Duty Cleaner & Stripper or Armstrong New Beginning, both can be found at Home Depot. Please use as instructed on the packaging.

Do I have to glue your products?

No you don’t, unless it is for specific commercial applications such as hospitals, pubs, dentist offices and areas that are subjected to extensive water presence. Not that water can damage the flooring, but it can damage the subfloor. Adhesives recommended are Mapei Eco 810 or 350, Henry’s 422 or any other good quality adhesive formulated for vinyl tiles.

Note: We do not recommend using builders tape in any form, such as blue tape, on top of our flooring as this can cause removal of the finish when peeled off.

Will your products peak, curl or bubble if I drop a glass of water on it?

No, our flooring is not affected by any amount of water. Standing water for extended periods of time may penetrate between the seams. Simply remove the planks in the affected area, dry the sub-floor and re-install the planks.

Will your products be affected by chlorine?

After putting our products through various tests, we have confirmed with our manufacturer that there were no visible effects on our products after being in contact with chlorine.


Will high heels leave marks on the flooring?

Unprotected high heels will leave marks on any floor, including wood, marble and even granite.

What holds the flooring in place?

The flooring is installed tight against the walls. You do not leave gaps for expansion. We recommend using two sided tape or vinyl glue around the perimeter of the room to provide additional adherence, especially if the walls are not perfectly straight.

Note: We do not recommend using builders tape in any form, such as blue tape, on top of our flooring as this can cause removal of the finish when peeled off.

How do I cut the planks or tiles?

For smaller jobs, a simple utility knife will work. Score the surface, fold the plank and cut the back. For larger jobs, it is faster and more accurate to use a miter saw or table saw. A laminate cutter works well too.

Can your products be used under wheelchairs?

Yes, our products have been installed in residential homes and care centres across Canada with great success. We recommend doing a full-spread glue-down with a release-adhesive for this type of installation.

Can the rubber backings of an entrance rug damage the coating of the flooring?

We recommend against using rubber-backed mats with coloured backings as they may cause staining on any floor. Since many of them are made from old tires the dyes are quite strong. Any kind of heat or water will increase the possibility of staining.

Can the flooring handle heavy furniture? Will the flooring be damaged if the furniture has small legs/feet?

Although our products have one of the strongest wear-layers available, there is no such thing as a scratch-free floor. We always recommend taking precautions, such as protective pads, to ensure that your floors stay beautiful for as long as you own your home.

Can we install your product in our garage?

Although our warranties will not cover any scratching or scuffing that is incurred by doorways or cars, we have done installations in warehouses, as well as private garages, with great success. We recommend using a full-spread glue down method with the MAPEI Eco 350 for this type of installation.

Will vacuuming over the planks lift them up?

Since our products are very heavy, it is unlikely that a regular suction vacuum cleaner will have the force to lift the boards. If you are concerned, we recommend that you use a broom to clean up grit instead of your vacuum cleaner.

Will the flooring fade in direct sunlight after a period of time?

Due to our advanced manufacturing process and superior coating, our products are guaranteed not to fade for as long as you own your home. If you are concerned, we recommend installing blinds or window shades to filter out extra sunlight.


Where can your products be recycled?

XL Flooring is now a cradle-to-cradle company. In order to lessen our environmental footprint, all returned product and samples are sent back to Korea to be made into new material.

How much coverage do I get from a gallon of MAPEI Eco 810 with a roller?

With one gallon you should be able to cover an area of approximately 200-300 SF.

I am worried about moisture in my basement, should I put down a moisture barrier such as a poly sheet prior to installation?

When our products are installed tight to the walls, a 6 mm poly can be used to block moisture. It is not necessary to use a moisture barrier in most installations. Should there be occasional water infiltrations, it is healthier to remove the boards in the affected area, dry the subfloor, and re-install.

What kinds of underlay can I use?

In most residential and commercial applications our products do not require any underlay for sound transmission. For projects that require an IIC rating above 50, we recommend Flexiplank. With an IIC rating of 52, Flexiplank meets the Canadian Building Code for sound transmission without any underlayment.


If you require a higher sound rating, we recommend using a 2mm cork or a combination of cork and rubber, which will add an additional 9 points to your total sound rating.

What is the best way to install your product on stairs?

For stair installations, we recommend using a full-spread glue application. We currently do not carry any nosings or moldings, however we recommend contacting your local flooring dealer for a complete list of available products. Whether you prefer metal, laminate, or wood; most flooring stores will be able to find you the right fit.

For a full installation guide, and video, please visit other relevant sections of this website.

Note: We do not recommend using builders tape in any form, such as blue tape, on top of our flooring as this can cause removal of the finish when peeled off.

Is your product waterproof/affected by moisture?

Our products are not affected by moisture and are impenetrable to water leaks when installed tightly together. Please note, that while this is true in most instances, over time, sitting water will begin to penetrate between the seams, as water will find a way through any material. The beauty of our product is that if there is a leak, or a flood, our product can simply be removed, the sub-floor dried, and the product re-installed.

Does your product provide warmth?

Yes, even when installed directly over concrete our product will remain warm to the touch. Why? Vinyl is less conductive than concrete, which means that the ambient temperature in the room will not be affected, making your feet feel warm.

What should I do if I have a washer/dryer?

Due to potential vibrations in the laundry area, it is preferable to glue-down our product using a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Should a major leak occur where water penetrates around the perimeter, the flooring should be removed, the sub-floor dried, and the product reinstalled.

How do I clean your product?

Our products are designed to be easy to install, and more importantly, easy to maintain.

It is with this in mind that we recommend the following methods to keep your flooring looking like new for years:


  1. Regular sweeping or vacuuming to keep grit away
  2. Occasional damp mopping with a little warm water and any no rinse PH neutral floor cleaner to take care of sticky situations


We recommend against using vinegar, dishwashing soap, or other soaps that may leave residue on the surface of the product. For quick fixes, you can try a window cleaner; they work great and leave no residue. Steam cleaners can be used with great results, but are generally not necessary.

I have a dog/cat. Can I use this floor? If my pet urinates on the floor while I am out, will this damage the floor?

We have good news for you – due to our hard-wearing surface our products will not be affected by pet “accidents” and can stand up to the toughest wear.


If your furry little friend leaves you a present while you are out, a good scrubbing with an ammonia-based cleaner will take care of the odour as well as any leftover germs. In addition, our products are coated with silver beads that prevent bacteria from developing, giving you a clean, safe floor.

Why do I want it? Where is it made? Can I install this flooring myself?

At XL Flooring we do one thing and we do it right. Knowledgeable about every stage of the process, our goal is to design innovative new products that exceed Canadian tastes and standards.


Using technologically advanced manufacturing plants in Korea, we are able to bring Canadians a product that is user-friendly and attractive. Our tight-fit products are as easy to install as 1-2-3. To get started, all you will need is a roll of double-sided tape and a utility knife. For more information on installation methods, please view our section on installation.

Can the flooring be installed in a kitchen, under the fridge, or under the stove?

Our flooring has been installed in thousands of kitchens with great success. Since many homes do not use proper appliance sliders, we recommend using additional two-sided tape or pressure-sensitive adhesive under fridges and stoves.

What should I use for a subfloor/can I go over my existing floor?

Since our products are tight-fit, they can be installed over any existing subfloor, so long as it is hard and flat (no carpet!). It is not mandatory to double your sub-floor. You can install over existing vinyl so long as it is glued-down properly; this eliminates additional work.


It is important to note that while our products can hide a multitude of sins, the better the subfloor the better the end result. We usually suggest leveling your subfloor so it is even within 1/8” over 6’ to get the best result. This would include sanding down raised areas and patching any major distresses in the concrete. For full installation instructions, and to watch our installation video, you can visit the installation page of this website

How easy is it to pick-up the planks once they are installed?

If you ever need to pick up a plank once it is installed, usually all you will need is an everyday toilet plunger. For installations where the product has been glued-down, we suggest using a sharp edge to bring up the damaged plank.


What is your IIC rating/what does that mean?

For more information on sound transmission ratings, I recommend the following link:

I am concerned about toxic gasses/emissions, what are your products rated?

All of our products, and product components, are made in the manufacturing plants that we choose to work with in Korea. By controlling the manufacturing method, we can have some control over any radicals that may be found in the material. This means that our products are made in a safe way without the use of many toxic materials.


Our products also have an anti-microbial coating making them ideal for families, as well, since there is no need to use a heavy adhesive, there are very little emissions being expelled.


All of our products have been tested and certified by SCS Global Services. By meeting the FloorScore requirements set forth by SCS, our products meet the most stringent guidelines for indoor air quality. For more information, please visit: As well, we have also done third-party testing through Vertima and are able to meet some of their requirements for contributing points to LEED certified projects.


Below is a table outlining the emission specifications of our products:


What type of glue/tape do you recommend?

We always recommend using the Eco MAPEI 810 for the release-adhesive…it is an easy glue to use and is virtually impossible to make a mistake. If you consider yourself fairly handy, I would recommend using this over the tape, which over time tends to loose its stickiness.

If you prefer to go with a tape, we have used Rhino or Gorilla tape in the past, which I believe can be found at the Home Depot. Other two-sided carpet tapes should also work fine, but you will need to stay away from those that are padded.

Can I use a steam cleaner or steam mop on your floors?

Steam cleaners can be used with great results, but are generally not necessary.

Can I install this product in a motor home or unheated cabin?

Our products are designed to be installed in an indoor, climate controlled environment.

Although not recommended, installations in RV’s and boats have been done with success. Extreme temperature variations in unheated cabins may cause structural movement in the sub-floor, which may result in some planks shifting; this may require minor adjustments come spring, however since our products are installed without glue this can be done in a matter of minutes. If there is a chance of freezing, no need to worry, our products will not be damaged.


How will emissions affect my pets?

All of our products have been tested and certified by SCS Global Services. By meeting the FloorScore requirements set forth by SCS, our products meet the most stringent guidelines for indoor air quality. For more information, please visit:

If you deem your pet to be extra-sensitive, we recommend that you avoid using adhesives and do a tight-fit application.

As an additional precaution, we suggest opening the boxes and spreading the planks in a well-ventilated area prior to installation. Always keep appropriate air circulation.

Can I use the flooring outside?

Although our products are stable in most installations, they are not designed to be installed outside.

Can computer chairs be used on it?

Due to the high durability of our products, we have had our products installed in offices across Canada (including our own!). However, since there is no such thing as a scratch-free floor, we suggest putting a protective pad over the floor if you are concerned about scuff marks or scratching.