Excellence in Flooring

Laurentian Sales is now XL Flooring Co. Ltd.

June 13, 2015

Effective January 1, 2015, Laurentian Sales Agency has changed its name to XL Flooring. Co. Ltd.

While our name may have changed, we haven’t. We still believe in service and innovation, and we will continue providing flooring solutions for many years to come.

So why the new name? We have decided to change our name to avoid confusion with a different flooring of a similar name and to espouse our belief that we provide excellent service, excellent products, and “Excellence in Flooring”.

We think you’ll agree when you compare our flooring with others. We are a distributor of high-end Luxury Vinyl Flooring, a quality product each and every time. XL Flooring – a family-owned and family-managed company since 2001.