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Flooring Excellence in Every Room.

We provide innovative flooring solutions for the modern world.

Natural Look

We use cutting edge print technology to deliver the gorgeous natural look of a wood plank. The high definition print layer creates a floor so realistic, you have to touch it to believe it. Our beautiful colours make it easy for you select the right floor for any application – whether residential or commercial.

Durable and Hygienic

All of our products use high quality virgin and recycled vinyl to provide strength and flexibility in our planks. Embedded into the core of our products is a firm fiberglass mesh that adds dimensional stability. With millions of micro-beads of ceramic and antimicrobial silver, you can be sure that our products will be able to stand up to the toughest of wear and resist bacterial growth.


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All of our products use recycled vinyl that meets strict purity requirements and the stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements of Floorscore™. Ask us how we can help contribute points to a LEED certified project.

Drop & Done

Smooth and Contemporary

Our Drop & Done Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection offers both planks and tiles for your home or commercial space. Our Drop & Done Collection consists of 17 plank and four tile designs and colours.

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Bring Nature In

With 11 beautiful colours to choose from, our newest Flexiplank Collection adds rustic charm to any space. The rich textures you will find on our Flexiplank truly enhance the natural look of our designs.

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Easy Installation

Our flooring is so easy to install, you can do it yourself! Using our unique TIGHT-FIT ™ flooring technology, we recommend our flooring be installed tight against the walls and that you use pressure-sensitive adhesive around the perimeter of the room to provide additional adherence.  Unless you have a special application, only perimeter glue is needed.