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EZ Fit

Ezfit is a premium flooring product designed with quality in mind. With one of the toughest wear-layers on the market today, Ezfit is built to last for generations. This tough wear-layer is the key to protecting the 8 gorgeous colors available in this product line. The distinctive backing on Ezfit planks guarantees an easy installation, additional walking comfort, and enhanced sound absorption.

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EZ Grip

Canadian designed for North American tastes and standards Ezgrip, when compared to other products in the market, is noticeably superior in both quality of appearance and detailed construction. Guaranteed not to expand, contract, curl, buckle, or peel, Ezgrip will maintain its quality and look for generations, and the state-of-the-art technology used to manufacture Ezgrip ensures an installation that is as “EZ” as 1-2-3.

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Easy Plank

Our Easy Plank product line is available at select dealers throughout North America. It consists of 6 colors representing species of trees that grow in The Taiga of North America. The Taiga, also known as the Boreal Forest or Snow Forest, is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches. Interesting fact - The Taiga is the world's largest biome apart from the oceans.

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EZ Tile

Eight elegant and durable flooring tiles designed with versatility in mind. With EZtile you have a color selection to fit any room and decor coupled with the pricing advantage of vinyl over other flooring tiles. Once again we’re proving that design versatility, ease of installation and lower pricing doesn’t have to compromise the appearance of a beautiful space.

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EZ Plus

We received many requests, especially from the Architect and Designer community, for a larger plank with the durability, stability and colour variety of our other flooring lines. In response we created EZ Plus flooring planks! EZ Plus planks measure 9.25" x 59.25" and are currently available in 4 colours. We know these planks will be popular sellers and are already working on new colours that we will add to the flooring line over the coming months.

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Drop & Done

The Drop & Done Collection is our traditional flooring line. These hand-picked planks, in classic hardwood colours and grains, were selected by designers across Canada as flooring that will create a traditional and classic ambiance in any residential or commercial space.

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With 11 beautiful colours to choose from, our Flexiplank Collection adds rustic charm to any space. The rich textures of our Flexiplank line will surely enhance the natural appearance of any room setting.

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Available at select flooring dealers IT Vinyl Flooring has been developed specifically for residential applications. With 6 colours to choose from these flooring planks offer the DIY homeowner a variety of design options for any room.

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Tile & Done

Eight elegant and durable vinyl  flooring tiles designed with versatility in mind, with a color to fit any room and decor and at pricing far less than natural flooring tiles. We’re proving that less expensive shouldn’t compromise the design of a beautiful space.

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We’ve been carrying this product for six years now and I truly cannot remember one problem.   – Trevor, Ashley Fine Floors