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Before You Start

Check all boxes of flooring to ensure you have the product and colour you ordered and that all boxes are from the same production lot. The material should be allowed to acclimatize at room temperature (approx. 20 °C or 68°F) for 24 hours prior to installation.

Installation Options

TIGHT-FIT ™ Method
Flexiplank can be installed as a floating floor, TIGHT-FIT ™ against the wall (loose-lay), by using a Pressure-Sensitive (PS) Adhesive such as Mapei Eco 350 or Henry 640 around the perimeter of the room and in the doorways. For a small room you may use a good quality two-sided tape around the perimeter of the room.

Release Method
Flexiplank can be installed full-spread with a release-adhesive, such as Mapei Eco 810 or Henry 650.


Flexiplank can be installed over any dry, hard and flat surface. Secondary sub-floor is rarely required. You do not have to remove existing vinyl. Over ceramic tiles, fill the grout lines with a proper levelling compound. Floor must be even within 1/8″ over 4′. Make sure the floor is smooth, clean, and free of wax, grease, oil or dust.

Caution: Flexiplank is not suitable for installation over carpet.


Room temperature should be maintained at a minimum of 18° C (64° F) and a maximum of 22° C (72° F) for 24 hours prior to installation, during installation, and after completion.

New concrete floors must be dried out (cured) for at least 28 days prior to installation. Uneven areas must be fixed by sanding smooth or by filling any humps, bumps or ridges with a proper cement based levelling compound.

When installing over radiant heat (heated floors), ensure radiant heat is turned off three hours prior to install, during installation and three hours after completion. Where moisture could be an issue, test the moisture. In concrete, the maximum acceptable emission level of 3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. per 24 hours is not to be exceeded. For Plywood, OSB or any wood substrate, ensure that the moisture content is 11% or less in all areas. All areas must be free or dirt, grit, or debris.


Apply a 6 -9 inch, (15 – 22 centimeter) wide strip of PS adhesive around the perimeter of the room using a trowel or thick nap paint roller, ensuring that a substantial amount of adhesive is applied. 1/16x 1/16 V notch on concrete, 3/32 x 3/32 U notch trowel on plywood.

Check periodically for tightness by pushing the planks tight to each other and looking for visual gaps which indicate that the product has not been installed tight or that there is debris between the planks.

For small rooms you can install two-sided tape (6 to 8 cm wide or 3 to 4 inches) around the perimeter of the room.

IMPORTANT: If you use glue, let the adhesive dry for a minimum of 45 minutes or until it can be touched without transfer.

While waiting for the adhesive to flash off, open the cartons and lay out the product, allowing the planks to adjust from being boxed hot at the factory. Inspect all flooring before installation to ensure there are no defects.

For a full-spread installation with release-adhesive follow instructions on the containers.

Begin laying your floor SNUG along the longest wall leaving no gap between the flooring and the wall. Lay a complete row of tiles and cut the last one to fit against the opposite wall. The cut edge should always face the wall. When you reach the last row, cut the last tile to fit SNUG against the wall. The tile should not be forced into place. For best visual effect, always stagger the tiles from row-to-row a minimum of plank width between joints.

Caution: Floor must be installed SNUG to the walls or with PS along the perimeter. Leaving gaps around the perimeter of the room will cause the floor to shift.

Unheated areas must be installed TIGHT-FIT ™ with perimeter adhesive and sold with the express understanding that at low temperatures, there may be gapping. In most cases, gaps will close when the heat is turned back on.


If you are interested in nosing and trims we have great news. We are working with Versatrim to colour match our products for their VersaEdge line. VersaTrim does a great job to achieve photorealistic results that look extremely close to our colours. You can contact them directly at 1.866.200.2132 or through their website at