Excellence in Flooring

“I installed most of the main floor at my mom’s house. She is really happy with it.  She is impressed by how realistic it looks, how warm it is, easy to keep clean, she can even wear her chore boots on it or throw a new calf on it to warm up without worrying about damage or cleanup.  It was easy to install.  I put some scratches in it and they hide really well. Just wanted to say thanks.”

Red Deer, AB

"We LOVE our new flooring!  It looks outstanding and holds up well to pretty much anything.  Never thought we could lay our own floor, but we did, almost 1000 square feet of it.  We get lots of compliments and interest. We have no issues passing along this floor to anybody!  I have seen the same flooring in a number of commercial units showcasing how strong and durable it is."

North Vancouver, BC

It took me all day and into the evening Friday, but I did it all by myself. What you need to know about the "all by myself" part is that I am nearly 65, a retired teacher and a grandma. Anyway, all said and done, it WAS "easy" and definitely a do-it-yourselfer. Tell the world my happy story if you want! It is a "real" testimonial!

Vancouver, BC