Toll Free: 1-877-983-0756

We have been supporting Fundación Corazón de Niña through financial donations for quite a few years. They are a registered not-for-profit organization in Mexico that provides a nurturing family environment for critically at-risk girls and boys.

Most of the children and youth they care for are victims of abandonment, abuse and/or exploitation. Their parents are largely deceased, incarcerated, in treatment for addictions or have disappeared.  They currently have over ONE HUNDRED children and youth aged one to eighteen years. As well, they have a number of now older Corazon youth (aged 18 to mid-twenties) who have chosen to remain at their ‘forever home’ and help out. When the children go to Fundacion Corazon, many are in deplorable health, some have disabilities, all are traumatized and needy. Jindra and Laurent visit Corazon regularly and their praise for the incredible work done by the staff and volunteers at Corazon is endless. To find out more about this organization and the wonderful work done to help children please visit their website.